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Courtyard View Hotel located in the famous tourist attractions Shichahai and the east side of the bell tower, located in Beijing scenic protection area in the heart, is a classic old Beijing courtyard building. Within walking distance of Shichahai, bell tower, Nanluoguxiang, Central Academy of Drama and other attractions.[View Detail]         

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  • Lrrain
    So so
  • AN GE
    Spacious rooms, small homes warm and convenient. from the South Gong and drum lane close, staying for the second time.
  • e01223052
    Courtyard from the South Gong and drum lane super close! the whole street art atmosphere, many guitar store and music bar.
  • grant04
    Room was clean, bathroom was too small, the drainage is not smooth, the surrounding environment is poor, but convenient, more food, overall okay, but next time better or go to the hotel, no experience building where she lived.
  • Jaffary
    What all good. is the water bath.! Body aches. far be drizzling. until the last leg is cold wash. want to take a bath then forget. tap water are stronger than the shower. cold no more.
  • doctorjim
    Really like this place, to Beijing, will stay here again in the future.
  • c9203
    Store is friendly, room is clean, the grapes very greedy people in the yard, quiet sleeping at night, went to Beijing for a few days, slept here, and kids like, says next time.
  • extremum
    Spacious rooms, small homes warm and convenient. from the South Gong and drum lane close, staying for the second time.
  • jane312007
    You'll be staying home, that's for sure is no less; you'll be staying in your lane, that is certainly not the environment at all, it is clean, but the price a guest house than place, worth something ... really not convenient for transportation, very, very inconvenient.
  • lantian9798
    Enjoy the feeling of courtyard, in the yard there are many grape vines, is very sweet.
  • lulifang216
  • dodonini
    Transportation very convenient all around delicious room heating is particularly hot in winter is not cold at all there is free mineral water
  • e00013553
    Environment, the style is good, there is feeling of old Beijing, is all about 300 representatives of quadrangle, equipment of the General, but do not care too much about this, the boss's attitude is good, breakfast is too deceptive, Guangdong said 20/person breakfast really worth! detail is quite good, and want to feel the courtyard is worth a visit!
    Room was very clean and nice back up. antique old Hutong courtyard houses recommended!
  • Scarlettgj
    In addition to the yard a little outside the small, very satisfied, bathrooms and rooms are very clean, the boss is very nice, just to introducing some lines, happy trip
  • Xixili
    Good location to South drums lane in Houhai are easy convenient boss keen and the courtyard are more humid feeling satisfied after all, but as a whole cottage bedding clean cannot and inns boss than hope after refueling Oh! will recommend to a friend-
  • candyyang
    Landlord warmly and gave fruit
  • cy356
    To capital feel has a put courtyard life, location is good, near South drums Xiang, Houhai, yandai xiejie oblique Street, drum, name to. out has alley go a small paragraph on has two a bus station, away from Metro station about 1 km around, traffic are is convenient. around eat of place many, wants to eat what has what, sheep Scorpion cheap, authentic. very satisfaction of once travel. boss people is good, enthusiasm, is responsible for!
  • galison
    A Center courtyard, live very comfortable, very easy, there is no hair brush to bring, the boss is also very good, very pleasant, WiFi is to force?
  • fuli1991
    Very clean has stayed here for the second time the next time you select here
  • Nanafeng_bj
    Spooky. quadrangle of red lanterns
  • lj0203
    Poor attitude, bad surroundings
  • benbear
    Room is nice, but there are no twin beds, are King! suitable for young couple on holiday!
  • aimeetian
    Boss is very handsome ~ like a King ~ ~ overall very good! near the Nan Luo ~ night cat cafe next to the busy ~ good ~ ~
  • califfe
    Quilt was dirty
  • eeyoreegg
    Hotel of great character from the drum tower is close to the solution, conveniently, the hospital has a grape trellis, the feeling of the old Beijing, in a quiet place.
  • liuyijun23
    All right
  • fattysym
    Families also nice
  • jenny6810
    Boss well in location the price is still quite value-for-money will come again
  • Francyang
    The first courtyard, and the expectations are different, value
  • burtonx
    Hotel is located in the city centre, convenient, quiet, the room was clean, decorated and cozy than comparable hotels, great. waiters are warm, will stay again.
  • e00586404
    Good going
  • lsrbpgp
    Distances further than described, 500 meters after the South Gong and drum Lane, a small yard, home renovation, a little wave, vertical Cabinet very bright green light by night, started a loud and burst, thanks to the weather is not too hot, just off.
  • e00042887
    Beijing Hotels!
  • wongsiuwo
  • Pepin
    Good health
  • tonmjia
    Good location, Crest of a comfortable and seemed to do an old Beijing. thank you!
  • Beifang
    Location is very convenient, but stayed 2 days bath towels not replaced.
  • malam
    Service is good, location is near the South Gong and drum Lane, very convenient. small courtyard, very quiet at night. like. heating with electric heating, such as staying, it is best to inform the staff in advance to open early. cost-effective.
  • ExcitedFree
    Good choice for Beijing, is surrounded by Alley, is East Street, rock and roll atmosphere enough.
  • Arsenic
    In the alley, night blackout for a while, and his disciples, India talk to people for a long time. under construction outside the door, not very hard to find. the next live.
  • gary2007277092
    No standard rooms are Deluxe, nice experience courtyard available.
  • icecream1206
    Very simple courtyard, sea not far from the drum tower. 20-30 minutes. now live a little cold. Interior clean, there are still large, suitable for foreigners to live.
  • e01909311
    Exquisite quadrangle, home layout of relatively warm, but bathroom a bit small.
  • tim_mli
    Location is very good, but the first call can go to find, very family style small courtyard, air conditioning is not very slightly warm, overall nice little hotel
  • caineroad3941
    Is mini of Beijing courtyard, in a article alley child in. two a clerk a can provides English Exchange, service also into's. health situation words General, but also can accept. location near drum there, car 1 station road, out also compared near. on in South drums Xiang side Shang. facilities of words on compared miserable has, set of double people room. clothes of place are basic no, is simple of rain, room really of is only a Zhang bed, also on a Zhang not over a meters of small table. Proposal to the NorthBeijing to experience the courtyard living, think economy will not pick up. Price is expensive, nothing wrong with that, but the overall lack of value.
  • mary203
    Close to South drums Lane, around the bar a lot, streets of old Beijing, rooms a little tide pay attention to ventilation!
  • no1xinyue
    Is the parking courtyard, arrived to see the yard too small facilities too primitive or some small loss, not experience old Beijing courtyard charm, but good boss, and proximity to well-known South Gong and drum Lane, is also recommended
  • mistymint222
    Not easy to find places, environmental improvement, good room, bathroom drain required dredging. staff OK.
  • bonyyo
    Warm, the boss is nice